After scraping myself off the floor and making sure I wasn't dreaming, she confirmed that she had been fully evaluated by Mass General and was available for surgery on Tuesday July 1st. 

Nancy and I met over 30 years ago when we were students at UMass. We shared an office in the student center where I was the head of a group supporting a nuclear freeze and Nancy was part of an Oxfam hunger awareness group. We lost touch soon after graduating but then bumped into each other again about 7 years ago in downtown Boston. We went out for lunch and exchanged emails but then lost touch with each other again. She saw the mass email I sent around New Years and felt that she had a calling to be an organ donor - to me! 

Leslie and I had a lovely time getting to know Nancy and her husband, Mark, at lunch a few weeks ago. Mark and their daughter have given Nancy their thumbs up for the surgery.

Thank you all for your prayers and warm wishes and keep them coming for both of us on July 1.