What is a Living Kidney Donation?

Doctors have confirmed that people don’t actually need two kidneys: one kidney can do the work for two, with no impact on long-term health. This means that someone with healthy kidneys can donate one for surgical transplant, to save the life of someone with life-threatening kidney disease.

Who is Eligible?

Any healthy person between 18-65 can volunteer. Someone with blood type O or A would be ideal, although someone with another blood type can still help David with a transplant through a Paired Kidney Exchange (see FAQs)

How to Become a Living Donor:

First, CONTACT Massachusetts General Hospital's (MGH) Living Donor Coordinator:


AT MGH Potential donors undergo a thorough evaluation to ensure they’re in good health with a variety of outpatient tests, which are covered by David’s insurance. You can stay anonymous throughout this process. Learn more at the MGH website or call MGH’s Living Donor Coordinator at 1-877-644-2860

“I have known my nephew, David, for almost 35 years. We have shared many lovely holidays and vacations together. I thoroughly enjoy his company. He is sensitive, compassionate, and interested in others. I would do whatever I could to give David the gift of a kidney, but unfortunately am too old! I hope you will consider doing for David what I cannot! Your gift will be returned a hundred-fold by this magnificent man!”

Kathleen Magee Shakespeare, David’s Aunt