Since childhood we have always had a close bond, playing together and alternately fighting and defending each other, as brothers will.  This bond has grown deeper as we both coped with the tragic loss of our mother and our oldest brother to PKD.

John, Ted and DavidJohn, Ted and DavidDavid is now my only brother. Although I volunteered to be a donor, my own medical problems prevented it. I am very sad that I cannot help David win his ever-more difficult battle with PKD. Would you consider giving David the gift of a longer life by becoming a living donor?

I ask on behalf of David and our family.

“Our family has suffered many cruel losses from PKD: first my wife Sarah and then my oldest son Teddy. And now my youngest son David is approaching End Stage PKD. Please consider donating a kidney to help my son David. He is a loving, passionate, wonderful man, who I hope can live a long and healthy life.”

Ted Shakespeare, David’s father